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Live @ Power Circle Center in Chicago 10/24/09
Live @ Natalie's 9/5/09
Live @ West Oak Lane Jazz Festival 6/21/08
Live @ NXNW 1/3/08
Recording Session 6/26/07

Recording Session 6/26/07

Performers: D.A. Jones - Drums, Todd Horton - Trumpet & Flugelhorn, Jason Mescia - Saxophone, Joel Kunreuther - Guitar, Frank “Squirrel” Williams - percussion, Dan Greenberg - Bass

Rented Mule
L-R Todd Horton, Frank Williams, Dan Greenberg, Don Jones, Jason Mescia and Joel Kunreuther
Photo by Jesse Gimbel

Jason Mescia Todd Horton Frank Squirrrel Williams Dan Greenberg
DA Jones DA Jones
Joel Kunreuther Joel Kunreuther
DA Jones Jason Frank Squirrrel Williams Joel
Joel Todd Horton

Photography by Jesse Gimbel

Joel and Daoud Frank Squirrrel Williams tellls More Tall Tales Frank Squirrrel Williams Studio Console
Cellphone Photos by Dan Greenberg

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